We know watches, and we know the market. Let our years of experience and knowledge of the market work for you, in order to get the most amount of money for your watch. Our consignment agreement is very simple and efficient. Whether youre selling a $1000 watch or a $300,000 watch, we can help get your watch sold for a small fee.

How it works

Reach out to our team

Reach out to our team and tell us what you would like to sell. We will accurately price your watch in the current market, and come to an agreement for our consignment fee, and how long we may need to sell your watch. Our team will send you a consignment agreement and explain.

Send in your watch

After we have come to an agreement, our team will provide you with a shipping label so that you can safely and quickly send us your watch. After it arrives, we will look over the watch, photograph it, and list the watch for sale across numerous marketplaces, with the full backing, clientele, and experience of 215Watches.

We sell the watch

Once the watch sells, we will reach out to you to confirm the final sales price and that payment has been received. Our team will organize all of the invoicing and sales documents as well as shipment with the buyer. Everything will be confirmed with you, as the consignee prior to final sale.

You get paid

After the payment for the watch has been received, we will send you payment for your watch, only reducing our consignment fees, as per our consignment agreement with you as the seller.